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About Raj Khatri Foundation


Raj Khatri Foundation is a major pit stop in a journey that started in bits and pieces and has an even longer course to complete. This organization is an accumulation of ideas and efforts that contribute to a long-standing vision of giving back to the community. Raj Khatri and his Group of companies, majorly work in the entertainment and media industry. But, in the process of growth and benefit, one can never forget about the responsibility of giving back to society. Over time, Raj and his team have ventured through multiple philanthropic deeds, be it big or small, crucial or trivial, we always tried to make the world a better place to live, even if it’s by an inch. Eventually, in this journey we found like-minded people with a similar passion like ours, the crew grew stronger, the more the merrier was our motto. Up until last year where we found the whole of humanity standing together against a pandemic. How could we have been behind in this war for survival?

Thus, the genesis of Raj Khatri Foundation, a social welfare organization, based out of Mumbai with a country-wide network, with the sole aim to help everybody in need. RKF is a multi-faceted organization that works through numerous sectors such as healthcare, education, children welfare, women empowerment, disaster relief, animal care and much more.

Our Work


We believe our health care system fails every time we lose a citizen to a treatable disease. It breaks our heart when we try finding middle grounds for healthcare, which is an essential fundamental right.


Education is the backbone of every great nation. Every child in the country has the right to get an education. We at RKF are adamant about getting every child his fair chance to study and to build a future.

Mid-day Meal/ Food Drives

According to the UNICEF report, 8.8 lakh children under five years of age lost their life due to starvation in 2018. Over 20 crore Indians sleep empty-stomach every day.

Old Age Care

The closest thing to being cared for is caring for others. No society reaches greatness until it knows how to take care of its elderly.

Animal Care

RKF has a penchant for animals, it doesn’t matter which one. We have a dedicated team that takes care of multiple animals throughout the country.

Women Welfare / Menstrual Help

We place our trust in the idea that the most effective way towards development for any nation is by empowering women.

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